Some More 2012 Kia Rio

We can’t seem to get enough of this car. Usually subcompact sedans look frumpy but this is not the case for the Rio. Both the sedan and hatch look great. Lets hope Kia brings in both variants here.

7 year warranty? Wow, I bet that wont happen here in PHL…same with most of the other bells and whistles EU and US will get…lucky bastards.

For more info on the new Rio click here

Kia Rio5 Introduction

The Kia Rio British Challenge

Kia Rio Sedan


Which Kia Rio are we getting?

The Korean invasion continues. Now that the Shanghai and New York Auto Shows have opened, we see two different Kia subcompact sedans. The K2 in China and the Rio in the US. So which one will the PH get?

The US Spec Kia Rio is the sedan version of the Rio hatch that was launched in Geneva. It features pedestal mounted side mirrors and uniquely shaped headlamps. It is powered by a 1.6L GDI with class leading 135hp mated to either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic. Dimensions are: Length: 4366 mm (sedan) or 4046 mm (hatch) ; Width: 1720 mm; Height: 1455 mm; Wheelbase: 2570 mm

Kia Rio (US Spec)

The Chinese K2 has the mini-Optima look going for it. Dimensions are more or less similar to its US counterpart with an overall length of 4370 mm, 1700 mm width and 1460 mm height. It also has a 2570 mm long wheelbase and a luggage capacity of 500 liters. When the K2 goes on sale in China, it will be available with six different trim levels, two engines (1.4L and 1.6L) and the choice of manual or automatic transmissions. The entry-level 1.4L four-cylinder engine produces 107hp, while more potent 1.6L unit packs 123hp.

Kia K2 (China)

Which model do you think we should get? I kinda favor the K2 but if you will base it on current trends (i.e. new Hyundai Accent), our new Kia Rio will probably have the US Spec look with the K2’s powertrain. Lets just wait for its release in South Korea as we almost always get the same model as theirs.