Compact car lineup in PH next year

We more or less have an idea what the lineup for the Philippine compact car (premium and mass) market will be for next year. For anyone looking to purchase, here is the list with a short description for each:

1. Audi A3/A4 – a more expensive VW.
2. BMW 3 series – the overpaid yuppie’s choice.
3. Mercedes Benz C-Class – what the overpaid yuppie should have bought.
4. Volvo C30/S40 – the “cheapest” premium compact car.
5. Chevrolet Cruze – 2011 PH Car of the Yr. The mid-sized compact car.
6. Kia Forte – no matter how nice, no one will buy. Overpriced.
7. Hyundai Elantra – a serious contender
8. Nissan Sentra/200 – old / overpriced and under spec’d.
9. Ford Focus mk3 – will probably be the best mass market compact for 2012 but still wont be no. 1 in sales
10. Toyota Altis – a safe choice. No frills but no headaches as well.
11. Honda Civic – all new model. Same everything but will still sell.
12. Mazda3 – a great car if you can ignore the big smiley grill.
13. Mitsubishi Lancer – agressive performer.
14. Subaru Impreza – form follows function.
15. Hyundai i30 – just wait for the next gen and pray its not overpriced again.
16. China brands – give them 5 more years and they’ll be the next Hyundai/Kia.

Did I miss anything?